Modular Session #7: Without You

This is modular session during the lockdown due the corona virus. I´ve got obsesed with the wavetable chords by Mutable Instruments Braids and Inteljel Shapeshifter. This session is inspired by the performances of Colin Benders I watched recently.

Used Gear

Inteljel Shapeshifter into Make Noise Qpas
Mutable Instruments Braids into Xaoc Devices Belgrad
shape / wavetable modulated by Xaoc Devices Batumi into Erica Synths Pico Alogic

Bass Drone:
Make Noise STO into System80 JOVE
fmed with the STO sine out. Played live with Make Noise René 2


Everything is clocked by Pamela’s New Workout

Recorded into Logic with a big touch of Eventide Space Reverb and Soundtoys Echoboy.

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