Modular Session #5: Little Late Night Chords

Some ambient jamming on my modular synthesizer with Make Noise Qpas and XAOC Devices Zadar. Trying to get some nice chords and pads out of the MI Plaits in wavetable chord mode.

patch notes:
Pamelas New Workout is main clock
into clock divider
/2 out into Make Noise Rene MK2 for the melody
Rene into Mutable Instruments Plaits

/5 and /9 out into Xaoc Devices Batumi to modulate left and right radiate of Qpas

free running channel 3 & 4 of Batumi into annel 1 & 2 of Make Noise Moddemix

both channels of Make Noise Maths in cycle mode into vca in of Moddemix to ring-modulate the Belgrads cvs.

both channels of Moddemix into Zadar assign ins, modulating the warp parameter

sum ot of Moddemix into Plaits to modulate timbre (or the chord inversion)

both attenuaters outs of Maths into the other Maths channel cv in to modulate the timing of the other’s cycle (rise and fall)

both trigger outs of Maths into trigger ins of Zadar

Zadar outs into !!!! inputs of Qpas … making the filter rhythms.

and ofcourse Plaits into Qpas.

Reverb and Delay added in post, because … why not 😉

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