Echo Inspectors & Insect O. – Bourne Dub

Bourne Dub

Primary Colours opens the vault to a Reserve series. A limited edition vinyl cut on 10 wax that sees the Echo Inspectors collaborate with some of their favorite artists. Bourne Dub began its Journey in Melbourne Australia with ETUI Records boss, Insect O, touring the great southern land and meeting up with the lads from Echo Inspectors. Bourne Dubs infancy began. Many trips later between Dresden and Melbourne the track is here to be shared and played alike. For the remix it was only natural to enlist the magical touch of the mysterious Silver Ash Recordings. The signature sound is sprawled all over this reshape and we cant be happier and ensure you will be also.

Primary Colours
Echo Inspectors & Insect O.
Bourne Dub

incl. Silver Ash Reshape

10″ clear vinyl only

street date:
July 1st 2015

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Echo Inspectors & me are sharing free download of our Bourne Dub in a secret ambient mix.

The moment and place when everything startet in November 2013: The Echo Inspectors studio in Melbourne

Echo Inspectors studio Melbourne