WTX4FAM On Solitute Of The Forest Compilation

WTX4FAM On Solitute Of The Forest Compilation

“Solidute Of The Forest” compilation incl. my track “WTX4FAM” is out on Insectorama netlabel. The label is run by my friend Markus Masuhr from Leipzig. I´m happy to be paart of this compilation alongside so many great producers. The compilation is free download or name your price on bancamp!

WTX4FAM has been recorded in a live jam session using my Moog DFAM for the main drums. The chords come from MI Braids in WTX4 wavetable mode and going through the Belgrad filter. Everything is modulated by some lfos from Batumi. And as always the Eventide Space dips everything in its reverb beauty.

I hope you enjoy this compilation. Happy Eastern everyone!

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