Wanderlust – Official Video

When I visited the Kruger National Park, there was a big elephant walking in front of our car. 5 meters away he stepped aside and let us pass on the road that we humans have build into his natural habitat. Reminded me that we all are home to this planet called earth.

As much as I enjoy making music I also enjoy video filming on my trips. Wanderlust opens my Atacama LP. I layered voices of video recordings of places where I have been. It´s music for traveling.

voices by Soraia Esteves, Loyd and many more nice people I met.

Filmed at:
Fraser Island
Gili Islands
Harvey Bay Coast
Kruger National Parc
and somewhere above the clouds

music taken from

Insect O.
Atacama LP

Out October 2018

Music & video by
Oliver Hartmann

Copyright by
Etui Records 2018

More Information:

ETUILP001 Insect O. – Atacama