V.A. – Etui Winter Camp 3

Etui Winter Camp 3

The world feels a bit colder these days. To keep your hearts warm, Etui Records has opened the winter camp again. We invited artists from Australia, Italy and Germany to deliver a musical fireplace of dub and deep techno.

The third installment of Etui Winter Camp starts with the laid-back moods of Answering No Questions by Matthias Springer and great rhodes sounds in The Receiver by Simon Mann. Dresden´s new artist Planetary Secrets dives into an ocean of chords with his They Have Been Here and Frank Hellmond shapes the dub house sound in his SH2000. Dandytracks of Vekton tell part 2 of their Dubstories About Us.

With his Ascending new Italian artist Drafted proves that Detroit techno and minimalism is always a great combination. Planetary Secrets interprets also dub and techno in a minimalist way with his Courtyard. It´s followed by the fluffy The Wind Up from Sydney´s very own Trinity and the deep chords of Helly Larson´s Inside.

At the end of this year´s compilation Etui Records label head Insect O. shows his love for hypnotic driven techno in his track Kondor and Melbourne´s Silver Ash spread some chord funk across the dancefloors with his Meranti. Can dub techno sounds happy? Of course! May the world feels a bit warmer with this.

Etui Winter Camp 3 will be out as digital album incl. 11 tracks and special edition in white vinyl incl. 4 tracks limited to 300 copies.

Tracklist digital edition:
1. Matthias Springer – Answering No Questions
2. Simon Mann – The Receiver
3. Planetary Secrets – They Have Been Here
4. Frank Hellmond – Sh2000
5. Dandytracks – Dubstories About Us 2
6. Drafted Ascending
7. Planetary Secrets – Courtyard
8. Trinity – The Wind Up
9. Helly Larson – Inside
10. Insect O. – Kondor
11. Silver Ash – Meranti

Tracklist vinyl edition:
1. Silver Ash – Meranti
2. Dandytracks – Dubstories About Us 2
3. Insect O. – Kondor
4. Drafted – Ascending

street date:
March 6th 2015

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some selected feedbacks:
Rob Warner / Ibiza Voice
Insect O ‘Kondor’ is a killer. Cool collection of tunes.
DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain
great álbum. all tracks
Carl / Sharednoise
Love it! missing dub & deep sounds
Andrew Wowk / Pulse Radio, Inthemix.au
Some really lush sounds here – will definitely play Simon Mann and Drafted’s tracks on my radio show
Luis Rozalen / Clubbing Spain, Beatburguer
excellent collection
Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio
Nice package : thx for that. Will play & Full Support
big sound, Very nice selection

Artwork by Daniel Madlung. Copyright by Etui Records 2015. All rights reserved.