Remix for Martin Bausch – Tomorrow’s Yesterday LP

Martin Bausch - Tomorrow's Yesterday Remixes

After Martin Bausch´s successful debut album “Tomorrows Yesterday” we are now looking forward to the remixes. Nine artists like Simon Spe, Insect O. and Matthias Springer show how various the reinterpretation of the original tracks can be. Variations from Dub Techno and Deephouse up to Techno and IDM are served magnificently. A fine diversified album with soundscapes and kicks in peaceful coexistence, spaces in between that want to be understood and at the end above all music that lets us wander in out thoughts, wherever we are…

Tomorrows Yesterday Remixes
Martin Bausch


  1. Martin Bausch – 7th Heaven (Denny Suski Remix)
  2. Martin Bausch – 7th Heaven (Simon Spe Remix)
  3. Martin Bausch – Dagoba (Frank Hellmond Remix)
  4. Maritn Bausch – Dagoba (Matthias Springer Remix)
  5. Martin Bausch – Direct Change (Audiodox Remix)
  6. Martin Bausch – Direct Change (Dennis Allen Remix)
  7. Martin Bausch – Direct Change (Insect O. Remix)
  8. Martin Bausch – She’s like (Markus Kolz Remix)
  9. Martin Bausch – Slown (Alex van Ratingen Remix)

Release Date

25.07.2019 Beatport Exklusiv
08.08.2019 all other digital shops + streaming

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