NOW! – Studio Live Jam with Analog Rytm

Preparing some dirty organ sounds for the weekend with the Elektron Analog Rytm.

The organ sound is made from the major chord piano sample of the Rytm factory sample pack using bitcrusher and filter and delay and distortion. The LFO is modulating the start parameter of the sample. Hihats are 909 factory samples. The bassdrum is using the synth engine only. Bass rhythm is made of a down tuned accoustic snare sample with filter, distortion and resonance and a 2nd rhythm is made with bass tom. The Agogo is also sample from the factory samples.

The delay timing is at 24 with a bit of distortion send in to the feedback loop (you can hear playing with that … dov parameter in the fx page of the distortion). The Reverb has some pre-delay to seperate from the drum hits and decay is around 30.