phoke 64 : fern – a summer night’s dream With Tracks By Insect O. and Soeren Matschiste

Phonocake phoke 64 : fern - a summer night's dream Artwork

It is believed, that those, who find a bloomy magical fern in the night of Ivan Kupala, will find happiness. However, in Gogol’s novel a young man finds a fabulous fern flower, that brings him nothing but a curse. Floral wreaths in water, reading the future, jump over fire – the old tradition of midsummers Ivan-Kupala-Day, with herbs, night swimming, talking plants, water magic – which fantastic ritual.

And Phonocake bring you the musical soundtrack for such a midsummer night’s dream. With tracks by different local activists and some old and new friends from russia. From Rostov-on-Don Phonocake can welcome and introduce Evgeny Light, from Moscow young Phil Gerus with a slightly preview on upcoming Phonocake release and with them our old buddies from Modul, with a track from their album “Over The Dew”, released on Biotronic.

The local part brings the tracks from the ETUI-label dudes Sören Matschiste and Insect O. , check  latest compilation “TOMBOLA DER FREISINNIGEN 2”. Then we have Kunstoffbreaks‘ Cuthead and Siggy Blooms in the house, both released fresh stuff online, check KSB. As a debut there are two tracks by local hero Götterkreis, who is known from liveacts in town, and additionally one older fluffy track by Madstyle, ‘tested’ in diverse Psy Chill Outs.

1 Modul – Green Light, Silver Maple (7:09)
2 Siggy Blooms – Prestige (4:02)
3 Cuthead – Low Water (4:25)
4 Sören Matschiste – Sweatlana (4:22)
5 Götterkreis – Summer (4:08)
6 Modul – Professional Bird Chasers (3:22)
7 Madstyle – fern im Zelt (5:14)
8 Evgeny Light – Water Magic (6:26)
9 Götterkreis – Traumarbeit (7:28)
10 Siggy Blooms – Lor Torik (3:45)
11 Insect O. – Wenn Ich Richtig Singen Will (5:57)
12 Phil Gerus – Missing Part (4:13)

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