Modular Session #8: Midsummer

On the midsummer day of 2020 I recorded this electro live jam with my modular synthesizers. All sounds are from the synths.

Main synth:

  • 4 different outputs for Make Noise DPO into Erica Synths SEQS sequential switch to switch between different waveforms with the clock
  • SEQS output into Make Noise LxD lowpass gate
  • LxD into Xaoc Devices Belgard for filtering and saturation

2nd synth voice:

  • BIA into Jove filter

Both melodies are sequenced with Make Noise Rene MK2 with additional lfo into xmod for variations of the main synth. The cv out of the main melody voice is pre-quantized (and manually changed) with octave ranges by Rene’s quantize settings.

Channel X and Z of Renè are quantized with the o_C. The 3rd channel (copy of channel X) is going to DPO 2nd osc for stable tuning of both oscilators (important when sequencing different outs of the 2 oscilators). The 4th (copy of x too) is going to Xaoc Belgrad’s fm input.


  • WMD Crater
  • saturation and loudness manually controlled with cv offset into saturation input via M.I.A.

2nd drum voice:

  • Michigan SY.05 with square lfo into pitch

3rd drum voice:

  • Moog DFAM for the noisey hihats

Everything clocked with Pamela’s New Workout. The euclidean fill for trig outs for bassdrum and SY.05 are set to cv1 in and manually controled with an offset via Happy Nerding M.I.A.

MI Plaits light show

To hold the cables I put a short cable from the Doepfer noise into Plaits modes selector inputs. It´s just making the little light show … and holding the long cables in the middle 🙂

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