Modular Session #2

I took my modular synthesizer to my balcony and performed some melodic ambient dub while catching the last sunbeams of the fading summer.

Mutable Instruments Braids
Mutable Instruments Peaks
Noise Engeneering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Intijel Dixi II+

TipTop Audio Z2040 MK2
Doepfer SEM Filter
Make Noise LXD

Make Noise Maths
Make Noise Moddemix
XAOC Devices Batumi
Erica Synths Pico Alogic

sequencer & clocking:
Korg SQ1
ALM Busy Circuts Pamela’s New Workout
Erica Synths Pico SEQS

Mutbable Instruments Clouds with Parasites FW