MANCHA005 – V.A. – Mancha Electonic Edition 1

After four classic deep house releases Mancha Recordings starts a new series, the “Mancha electronic edition”. For this series timeless electronic music that is mainly produced with classical electronic instruments is selected. Although all the tracks on the first Mancha electronic edition have a link to House-Music. Mancha Electronic Edition is not solely defined as a house serieses but rather as an ageless selection of music somewhere between House and Techno. Mancha Electronic Edition Part 1 comes with music by Audio-Al, Wuttig & Reuter and Insect O. (ETUI Records)

cat#: Mancha005
artists: Various Artists
title: Mancha Electronic Edition 1

1. Audio-Al – As We Were In 98
2. Wuttig & Reuter – Vers 1
3. Insect O. – Raindrops On My Window
4. Insect O. – At The End Of A Rainbow

DJ Feedback:
Dubfire (Sci+Tec): Download + Play
Christereo (Halfstereo / Very nice smooth tracks all deep and dark. Lovely.
Max Cooper: Raindrops on my window is my favourite thanks
Carsten Rechenberger (Microtonal, Cometomusic): nice pack of deep house – keeping up the usual Mancha Vibe. I Like Insect O most this time
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): quality release, thank you
Peter Gelderblom (Stereo): As we were in 92 is the one for me, great track
Arnaud Combeuil (Input Selector): Nice EP!
Dirty Channels (BCBtec): “As we were in 92” for us! well done!

release date:
15 March 2010 on
29 March 2010 at any other download shop