Video Live At Sektor Evolution Dresden May 2019

Video of my live set I played at Sektor Evolution in May 2019. Thank you so much N-ICE Kollektiv for inviting me! That was so much fun, even when I´m looking very focused on the machines. Playing live is always a journey to my own little music world and I´m grateful for anyone who has joined me on this trip.

Tracks I played were mostly special live edits of my Atacama LP.


at N-ICE Kollektiv presents

Legowelt Music pres. Gladio LIVE (Bunker, L.I.E.S. / NL)
Insect O. LIVE (Etui Records / Dresden)
Jacob Korn LIVE (Uncanny Valley / Dresden)
PWNDTIAC (Nervous Records / Leipzig)
Isa Wolff (Frission, Sans Serif / Berlin)
Anachronism (Tropical Schmutz, Deeper Access /Dresden)
Hug Heffernan (All Ducks on Deck / Dresden)
Agapi Mou (All Ducks on Deck / Dresden)
Salz-Pfeffer (All Ducks on Deck / Dresden)
juliO (Leipzig)
ErnstEdward (DDAC / Dresden)
808 Popping Rangers (29, Orgia / Halle)
Drunkenstein (Inch by Inch, Bum Bum / Leipzig)
Crash Carl (Tagträumer Productions / Dresden)
Crème Delir (Tagträumer Productions / Dresden, Berlin)
Feuerbach (GLYK / Leipzig)
Len Richardson (N-ICE Kollektiv / Dresden)
Vario (N-ICE Kollektiv, Distel / Dresden)
Franz Tonträger (N-ICE Kollektiv, Opa Albert / Leipzig)
Sam Fearon (N-ICE Kollektiv, StünzStünz / Leipzig)
Robinson (N-ICE Kollektiv / Dresden)
Egon (N-ICE Kollektiv / Leipzig)
Barfloor powered by All Ducks on Deck

May 11th 2019
Sektor Evolution Dresden

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Insect O. – Atacama LP

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