Insect O. at DAVE – Electronic Live Stage / Altes Wettburo Dresden on Oct. 25th 2014


DAVE – Dresden Audio Visual Experience is the new festival of club culture. It will take place from October 22nd – 26th 2014 in Dresden. The festival features parties, concerts, workshops, panel discussions and cinema.

Insect O. will held a workshop about mixing with Logic Studio alongside Dataline doing a workshop with Elektron music machines at Altes Wettburo on Saturday. Later the doors will open for a night full of electronic live music ranging from eletronica to deephouse to elektro and techno. Insect O. (Etui Records), Scherbe (Uncanny Valles), Kryptic Universe (Lockertmatik), Ghost Radio (Phonocake) and Zilinsky (Supreme) will give a showcase what Dresden has to offer. At least Dataline himself will play a live show with the Elektron machines.

Futhermore DAVE hosts more than a handfull shows of great artists from around the world such as Addison Groove, Portabla aka Bodycode or Massimiliano Pagliara alongside finest artists from Dresden.

DAVE – Electronic Live Stage
October 25th 2014
Altes Wettburo, Antonstr. 8, 0197 Dresden

workshops 3.00 pm – 9.00 pm:
Elektron Music Machines with Dataline
mixing in Logic Studio with Insect O.
DIY synthesizer with Curetronic
sampling & sound design with Said Sur la Pace

concert 11.00 pm – 5.00 am:
Dataline, Insect O., Scherbe, Zilinsky, Ghost Radio, Kryptic Universe

more information:
DAVE music workshops
DAVE Electronic Live Stage