Hardware Synth Jam Krake Festival 2017

Hardware Live Jam At Krake Festival 2017

Krake Festival invited 8 artists to join a live hardware synth jam session.  So we opened the big festival closing event at Griessmühle and played for around 3 hours. Starting from scratch with empty patterns, our route took us from electro to detroit and dub techno to ambient, acid and electronica.

It was a great way to experience the interaction with each other and to explore possibilties of our intruments. The doors were open in many directions.  After a while we catched the same mood and went with the flow. Something wonderful occured. Like a story, written in the moment.

Lisa Cuthbert – keys on the Korg SV1
Ben Deg – drums & synths on the Yamaha RS700 + Roland TB3
Hpr3cl3 – drums & fx on Elektron Octatrack
Insect O. – drums & synths on Elektron Analog Rytm
Alessandro – synths & fx on modular synthesizer
Sergiu Soare – synths on Arturia Minibrute
Jose Fleury – drums on Elektron Analog Rytm
Dj Science-The Noisferatu – synths on the ModeMaschine XOXBOX and SPS sampler

photo by Bendeg
video by Andy Hinrichs