ETUILTD004 Insect O. – Bondi Dub

ETUILTD004 Inesct O. - Bondi Dub

After his last year’s “Birds Over Hong Kong EP” Insect O. takes us on a musical journey across Down Under this time.

The title track “Bondi Dub” offers a smooth groove laying in an ocean of delayed chords. An acid line gives this 11 minutes piece of music the final touch. You can dance with your feeds in the sand or just sit on the beach and watch the sunset. Is this surf techno? Maybe.

With “Rokk Hampton” the b-side starts more powerful and brings you classic driven techno with filtered synth chords. It shows a more energetic and old-school side of Insect O.’s work in a modern form. The last track “Sands Of Rainbow” is inspired by the colored sands of Rainbow Beach. Melodies are stabled with echoes and a deep groove to a colorful sound structure. With this track the journey ends and makes this ETUI release to another outstanding record in the world of dubby techno.

Artist: Insect O.
Title: Bondi Dub

A1: Bondi Dub
B1: Rock Hampton
B2: Sands Of Rainbow

vinyl: June 7th 2013
digital: June 21th 2013

ETUILTD004 Insect O. “Bondi Dub” will be out on blue/black marbled vinyl limited to 300 copies. Mastered by Salz Mastering Cologne. Manufactured and distributed by

Estroe: I don’t give five starts very easily but I really love this EP, all tracks of it. Insect O is quickly becoming in my top favourite artists list!
Acid Pauli: I saw a lot of Sand on a Rock in Bondi, but the best thing I saw was the rainbow touching into the ocean!
Audiofly: great ep. sands of rainbow reminds of early plastikman but with its own style…

Furthermore supported by: Monika Kruse, Noah Pred, Mano Le Tough, Amé, Tristen, Patrick Zigon, Matrin Landsky, Patrick Bateman, Joel Mull, Mr. Statik and Toby Dreher.

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