Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 5

With Etui Winter Camp 5, the label brings back a musically fireplace for the cold moments. The digital edition features 11 beautiful sounding tracks between ambient, dub and techno. The compilation is also available as 8 track special vinyl edition on snow white double vinyl in snow white gatefold cover. The artwork is based on a photo of Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia.

Full of field recordings and warm tones, Italy based Submoon starts the compilation with his ambient track „Winter Rain“. New artists 3 Voice & Cynic_Al from Greece turn on the space echo in their dub cut „Lost Path”. The psychedelic trip goes even deeper with pulsating synth sounds in „Le Plsdfj” by Salzinger.

We welcome back Frank Hellmond with his warm analog dub house track „Drawn“. After starting his new imprint Colorcode Records Monomood returns to his roots and presents „The Smoker Part II“ with his beloved saxophone and a massive wall of reverb.

Dub techno master mind Van Bonn explores spicey chords and effects and and lays them on top of a bass heavy beat in his „Lohen“. Altone from Japan playes with his wellknown modulated synth sounds in his „Blur“. With „Oceanium“ San Francisco based Federsen gives also his debut on Etui and dives deep into sound spaces.

With „Lost In“ Malta based Infinitedub brings classic dub techno sounds to get lost in swirling synths and echoes. After giving his debut on Etui Winter Camp 4 modular artist Markus Masuhr switches on his maschines again and sends the synths through modulating reverbs in „The Haze Of Being“.

The 5th edition closes with ambient track „Fin Del Mundo“ by label head Insect O. He layers field recordings he made at Tierra del Fuego National Park on top of mystic chords and reverbs. Did you ever wondered how the end of the world sound like?

Etui Winter Camp 5 will be released as 11 track digital edition and 8 track special vinyl edition. It comes on snow white 2 x 12” vinyl in snow white gatefold cover.


01 Submoon – Winter Rain
02 3voice & Cynic_Al – Lost Path (Live Dub Mix)
03 Salzinger – Le Plsdfj
04 Frank Hellmond – Drawn
05 Monomood – The Smoker Part II
06 Van Bonn – Lohen
07 Altone – Blur
08 Federsen – Oceanium
09 Infinitedub – Lost In
10 Markus Masuhr – In The Haze Of Being
11 Insect O. – Fin Del Mundo


A1 3voice & Cynic_Al – Lost Path (Live Dub Mix)
A2 Salzinger – Le Plsdfj
B1 Frank Hellmond – Drawn
B2 Monomood – The Smoker Part II

C1 Van Bonn – Lohen
C2 Federsen – Oceanium
D1 Infinitedub – Lost In
D2 Insect O. – Fin Del Mundo


digital: March 6th 2020
vinyl: March 20th 2020

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All tracks written by the artists in 2019.
Manufactured by Matter Of Fact
Mastered by SALZ Mastering Cologne
Artwork by Daniel Madlung
Photo by Oliver Hartmann

All rights reserved.

Copyright Etui Records 2020

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