Etui Release Session at Sabotage Dresden on 2011-10-14

Flyer Etui Release Session at Sabotage Dresden on Oct. 14th 2011

Etui Release Session

Insect O.

Date: Oct. 28th 2011
Time: 10.00pm – 4.00 am
Venu: Sabotage, Bautzener Str. 75, 01099 Dresden – Germany

As an artist Monomood is difficult to categorize. What is it? Techno? House? Drum and Bass? Or maybe Dubstep? What about a quantum Funk or Ambient? Well, actually, it’s always a bit of everything – but it’s always new and fresh. It is hard to find the leitmotif, and yet there is one: quality. After dwelling on the Drum and Bass station for a while, it is most accurate to say Monomood has taken off into the future: the wide cosmos of dubby Techno sounds. His vinyl debut on Etui Records, carries us into the complex world of echoed chords and spacy Delays.The ETUILTD001 Monomood “Oktrosis” EP is released as a black/red marble vinyl, limited to 300 copies and will be in stores on Oct. 28th 2011
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