Etui Podcast 27

Etui Podcast #27: Insect O.

I recorded my first dj-mix for ETUI Records podcast series. Enjoy some lush summer dub techno vibes incl. gems by Mike Schommer, grad_u, Yagya, Echo Inspectors/Primary Colours, El Choop and more!

“The first idea was to make a dub techno album. But after a while it turned out the sketches sounded very similar. I felt that there was more that I want to discover soundwise.”

In the interview I´m talking about the production process of my album Atacama, new projects and my next live gig at Equilibrium w/ Legowelt, Isa Wolff, Pwndtiac, Jacob Korn at Sektor Evolution on May 11th 2019.

read the inteview:


Mike Shommer – City Sleeps – Primary [Colours]
Insect O. – Resonance – Etui Records
Mathimidori – Goya – Ornaments
Insect O. – Pan De Azùcar – Etui Records
Echo Inspectors & Insect O. – Bribie Dub – Primary [Colours]
El Choop & Tim Gee – Mitchels Fold – Default Position
Mikkel Metal – Lomina – Echocord
Grad_U – EV-5 – Redscale
Fluxion – Hordes Decent – Subwax BCN
Silver Ash – Meranti – Etui Records
Yagya – Sleepygirls 4 – Delsin
Idealist – Indirection – Idealistmusic
Voyager 8 – We Left The Planet – Sinewave