ETUI010 V.A. – Tombola Der Freisinnigen

“Tombola der Freisinnigen” is not understood as a puristically conceptioned circus. In fact, 1st Decade´s Gunjah & Ex-Fischmob Drummer Stachy aka END OF TAPE, Alec Troniq, Mentalic, Soeren Matschiste and Insect O. create a magic hat containing these 5 tracks that are gonna move your ass.

Following their excellent remix of Chapeau Claque’s “Blütenstaubromanze”, END OF TAPE’s current release “Data Store” comes at you like a rocket and ignites the dancefloor. It drives forward with an analog synth sound and rolling grooves that leave behind a trace of longing for the next ETUI release. They share the A-side with Mentalic and his melodrama “Sweet Little Sixteen” which is not in the least sweet or innocent. It’s a neat and sensitive techno track that he puts into the ETUI jukebox.

The ETUI crew carries on with the B-side. Insect O. designs mystic techno, Alec Troniq creates some hands-up Elektro and Soeren Matschiste gives this magic hat the finishing with trackpop. It’s hardly possible to compete with the diversity of this anniversary record. There is nothing left to say than: Have fun!

a1: END OF TAPE – Data Store (w+p by Gunjah & Stachy)
a2: Mentalic – Sweet Little Sixteen (w+p by Mentalic)
b1: Insect O. – Wind on your Skin (w+p by Oliver Hartmann)
b2: Alec Troniq – Rascal in a Rage (w+p by Alec Troniq)
b3: Soeren Matschiste – Last Train [dining car edit]
      (w+p by Soeren Matschiste)

release date: 2007-12-03
Copyright by ETUI Records 2007
published by Copyright Control

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