Elektron Analog Four CV to Doepfer Dark Energy

This is a demonstration about how to set up CV on Elektron Analog Four for sequencing and modulating Doepfer Dark Energy 2 via CV outs using 1 LFO of the Analog Four.

CV A sends 1v/oct pitch to VCO
note 1: C2 = 2.000v
note 2: C6 = 6.000v

CV B sends GATE
V-trig 5.0v

CV C sends 1v/oct pitch to VCF
note 1: C2 = 2.000v
note 2: C6 = 6.000v

LFO modulating the TUNE parameter of CV A and CV C
LFO shape: random
LFO mode: trig
Blending the LFO modulation in and out with LFO FADE parameter.

No modulation with Dark Energy’s own LFOs at all. Only envelope was used to opens the VCA and the filter a tiny bit.

The important parameter in this demonstration is FADE. You can fade in or fade out how the LFO controls the CV. You can hear this good in the video. At the start FADE is set to -57. So the LFO affects only the first ms of the sound. In the cosmic part of the video FADE is 0 and the LFO fully affects the CV. On the CV page you can also set an offest for tuning. I use this to have the DE in tune (OSC tuning knob all the way left so it´s around -5 semitones and the set offset to +5).

reverb by Eventide SPACE
tape style delay by Soundtoys Echoboy

You can also modulate any of the CV parameters with the 2nd lfo and the 2 envelops.

Recorded via MOTU828MK2 into Ableton Live 9.5.