Echo Inspectors & Insect O. – Bribie Dub Digital

Echo Inspectors & Insect O. - Bribe Dub incl. Mike Schommer Remix

Echo Inspectors & Insect O. – Bribie Dub incl. Mike Schommer is out on all digital platforms now!

In 2016 I visited Mark of Echo Inspectors in his new home in Brisbane again. One day we drove out to Bribie Island and threw our fishing rods into the ocean. Back home we setup his basement studio and started recording track ideas. The next day we send the ideas over to Lance.

Back home in Dresden I did the final mixdown with the ideas of Lance and Mark. In the meantime they reached out to Deepchord label co-founder Mike Schommer for a remix. Soon after he delivered an amazing work showing his top-notch music production skills.

Bribie Dub was released on 10″ splatter vinyl back in 2018. It´s already sold out. So we are happy for you that it is finally available on all digital platforms too. Best support is ofcourse by getting it on bandcamp.

Big thanks to Lance and Mike for making it happen and ofcourse to Mark for letting me stay with your family for some days.


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Echo Inspectors & Insect O. – Bribie Dub Vinyl