DAVE Workshop Camp 2015

DAVE Workshop Camp 2015

Why do you need a modular synth when you are able to stream audio of your beloved analog synth via a single usb cable and fully integrate it into your DAW or even perform a stuning live set on a mobile device? How does affect technology the way of beeing creative?

These questions will be answered and many more will be raised at DAVE Workshop Camp 2015. Musikhaus Korn in Dresden will open it’s doors for a week full of workshops about music production and djing.

Saturday 24 Oct 2015 / 6.00 pm
digital djing with Serato and Traktor
with György De Val and Floh Baerlin

Monday 26th  Oct 2015 / 8.00 pm
modern production tools: Ableton Live, Dreadbox
with Steve Baltes

Tuesday 27th Oct 2015 / 8.00 pm
1. Teenager Engineering Workshop in Germany
with Steve Baltes

Thursday 29th Oct 2015 / 8.00 pm
with Venom 128

Friday 30th Oct 2015 / 8.00 pm
Live Set Up & Creative Workflow
with Jens Vetter aka Bureaumaschine

Saturday 31st Oct 2015 / 5.00 pm
Modular Synth Workshop
with HRTL (Bastl Instruments)

Saturday 31st Oct 2015 / 6.15 pm
Elektron Overbride Workshop
with Dataline

Saturday 31st Oct 2015 / 7.30 pm
panel discussion: How does affect technologie the way of beeing creative?
guests: Hrtl, Dataline, Jens Vetter (Bureaumaschine), Sebastian  Drichelt (Donnerst.org)
host: Oliver Hartmann (Insect O. / Etui Records)

All workshops are free of charge!

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