DAVE Festival Live Jam 2021

DAVE Festival Live Jam 2021

Watch the video of DAVE Festival Live Jam 2021.

Last year DAVE Festival in Dresden invited 8 musicans and 2 vjs to improvise and jam together.

We jamed for nearly 2 hours. The live jam was filmed for DAVE TV incl. some small funny videos (in german).

music artists:
Alexander Scharf (Leads with Arp Odyseey + guitar pedals)
Cana Music (pads and Arpeggios with Roland Juno60 + SP404 SX)
Franssen (drones and sounds with modular synthesizer)
Insect O. (drums with Moog DFAM and modular synth)
Kabuki (feedback patches with modular synth)
Malena Wege (drones and sounds with modular synth)
Scherbe (live samples mit ZTE Blade Smartphone + Koala Sampler App)
Tesla Coil (textures and pads with Walsdorf Iridium + Sampes with Akai MPC Live 2)

Friedrich Weise

Nothing was prepared, we improvised all the sounds. And we had so much fun! Ofcourse this was a great experience and an exercise too. The musican had to bring in their sounds but also step back to give space for sounds by the other musicans. So this was a good way to explore the possibilities of own machines and experiement a bit further.

Fun fact: after 20 minutes we noticed that no one had prepared a bassdrum. So I patched a cv trigger from the A4 to the Jomox Modbase. And than we went from around 116 bpm to 133bpm.

All the gear was synchroniced via E-rm Multi Clock beside the Arp Odyssey and the smartphone of Scherbe ofcourse.

I did the live mixing of all the sounds with the Mackie1642VLZ4, which also had an Eventide Space on a send / return track.

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