A Composition For Makenoise Rene and DPO

How melodic can the Makenoise DPO be? I tried to find out.

Basicly Rene MK2 is sequencing DPO OSC A and B from it’s channels X and Y.

Rene is clocked by Pamelas New Workout. The clocks are send to the fun.mod Inputs on the Rene. In addition, 2 different slower clocks are send to the trig Inputs on the Rene, additional clocking at the Fun pages is enabled.

Rene CVs of Channels X and Y are send to O_C for quatizing and octave shifting. Rene X and Y gate out is send to trigger the quantizer at the O_C. The pitches from O_C are send to 1v/o ins on the DPO channels A and B. In Addition Osc A gets some light linear fm from Xaoc Diveces Batumi.

Osc A sawthoot is send to LXD channel 2.
OSC B square out is send to Xaoc Devices Belgrad.
DPO final out is send to LXD channel 1.
Booth channels LXD are striked by the Gate Outs of Rene.

LXD and Belgrad get modulated by lfos from Xaoc Devices Batumi.

Sound has been recorded into Logic Pro X with a litthe help from Eventide Space and Soundtoys Echoboy.